Applied Aspects of Humus Balance Modelling in the Rivne Region of Ukraine
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The National University of Water and Environmental Engineering, Ukraine, 33028, Rivne, Soborna str. 11
Rivne Branch of the Soils Protection Institute of Ukraine, Ukraine, 35325, Rivne region, Shubkiv, Rivnenska str. 3
Publication date: 2020-08-01
Corresponding author
Viktor Zhukovskyy   

The National University of Water and Environmental Engineering, Ukraine, 33028, Rivne, Soborna str. 11
J. Ecol. Eng. 2020; 21(6):42-52
The balance calculations in agriculture are the basis for assessing the value of land and determining how to use it effectively. Replenishing the humus balance in soils is a long and multifactorial process, and therefore requires considerable expenditures to control it. Therefore, scientists pay particular attention to the benefits and the need to create geoinformation portals, first and foremost, in the agricultural sector in order to create effective market-based tools for balancing soil quality. However, today Ukraine has little experience in creating portals and software for the implementation of soil fertility balance calculations in the online system for the purpose of organizing organic land use. The article deals with the methods of humus balance calculation and the formulation of the humus balance calculation task, which will take into account regional peculiarities of Ukraine’s Rivne region with the possibility of scaling to other areas. A mathematical model of the corresponding problem using differential equations was constructed. A numerical solution was found and implemented as the e-calculator module of online information system. The integration of IT technologies with the example of humus balance e-calculator for organic land use will allow crop rotations modeling and volumes of organic fertilizer application to stabilize or improve the soil quality. The main task of the calculator was to provide specific recommendations for the land plot on the efficiency of its use. In addition, the information system provided the background information on the economic efficiency of the transition to organic farming, certification, processing and marketing rules. The user can independently specify the order of crops cultivation in rotation, the amount of organic fertilizer application and as a result will receive the possible variants of the total humus content in the soil, for different volumes of application of organic fertilizers (biohumus) using the e-calculator of humus balance. The testing and verification of the e-calculator was carried out on the last 40 years data of the Rivne branch of the Soils Protection Institute of Ukraine, taking into account the cultivated crops, the introduction of mineral and organic fertilizers.
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