Evaluating the In-Site Sorting of Solid Waste in Selected Educational Institutions – A Pilot Study
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Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Mutah University, Karak, Jordan
Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Faculty of Engineering, Environmental Engineering Department, Ma’an, Jordan
Department of Plant Production, Faculty of Agriculture, Mutah University, Karak, Jordan
School of Engineering and Built Environment, Griffith University Nathan, 70 Kessels Rd, Nathan QLD 4111, Australia
Corresponding author
Husam Al-Hamaiedeh   

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Mutah University, Karak, Jordan
J. Ecol. Eng. 2023; 24(5):137-143
ABSTRACT This study evaluated the process of in-site sorting of the generated solid waste (SW) in some educational institutions in Ma'an city, Jordan. The study included eight schools and one University. The students and employees of seven schools, as well as the students and employees of the University, had received the awareness campaigns concerning the importance and benefits of in-site sorting of SW. As a control, one school student and employee who had not received awareness campaigns were involved. The institutions were provided with four bins at each collection site (glass and plastic, paper and cardboard, metals, and bread). The content of bins in each institution was collected and sorted manually to evaluate the efficiency of the conducted awareness campaigns on onsite sorting behavior. The mass ratios of many SW components in their designated bins in the reference school (control) were higher than the average ratios in the assigned bins for the same component in all schools. As for the University, the results of the manual sorting showed that all bins included a mix of SW in different ratios; moreover, the proportions of glass and plastic, and metals were lower than the proportions of other components. On the basis of the above mentioned results, it can be concluded that the awareness campaigns did not achieve the stated goals; subsequently, the in-site sorting failed in the schools and the University. Thus, different awareness campaigns should be assessed to identify the best approach positively affect the SW sorting and disposal habits of people.
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