Extreme Hydrological Phenomena in the Esil River Basin: Genesis, General Patterns of Manifestation
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Institute of Geography, 050010, Kabanbai batyr/Pushkina 67/99 Str., Almaty, Kazakhstan
Publication date: 2019-07-01
Corresponding author
Nadira Medeu   

Institute of Geography, 050010, Kabanbai batyr/Pushkina 67/99 Str., Almaty, Kazakhstan
J. Ecol. Eng. 2019; 20(7):187-195
The research subject is dangerous hydrological phenomena (floods) in the Esil River Basin (Akmola and North Kazakhstan regions). The aim set by the authors was to improve the theoretical knowledge about floods and inundations, on the basis of which to enhance the level of solving the general problem of ensuring the safety of territories in the Esil Water Management Basin (WMB) against harmful effects of water. On the territory of Kazakhstan floods are caused by almost all known causes in the world: in most of the country – spring floods, the high-intensity rainfalll, there were cases when floods occurred as a result of the dams failures (a village Kyzylagash in the Almaty region). Annually, the damage from the impact of high floods amounts to several tens of billions of tenge throughout Kazakhstan. The predicted increase in air temperature and precipitation, coupled with the intensive development of farmland river valleys, will undoubtedly lead to the increase in the frequency and destructive power of floods. Therefore, the urgent task is to develop a set of measures to prevent and protect against floods. These measures will significantly reduce the expenses for the liquidation of effects of the floods. Data on extreme hydrological phenomena (EHP) in the Esil River basin were collected and systematized. The conditions for the formation of high floods on the rivers of the researched region were studied. Various “typical” scenarios of the formation of dangerous and catastrophic high floods (floods) were revealed. The periods of passage of snow-melt floods (high floods) and other regularities of the intra-annual water regime in the Esil river basin were determined.
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