Feasibility of a Pilot System for Rural Areas Using Sustainable Energy (Labranazagrande)
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EEE, Karunya Institute of Technology and Science, Coimbatore, India
EIE, Government College of Technology, Coimbatore, India
Venkatesh Kumar   

Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences
This paper focuses on an analysis of the electrification prospects for a remote village in the Colombia state of Boyacá, where a micro grid is planned to be built. The main goal is to define the best sizing for a hybrid power plant to serve the micro grid, coupling a solar PV array with Micro Hydro Power generation system. The study case consists of defining the energy needs of the village to draw its consumption curve and assume its evolution over time. Then a model of the hybrid power plant was built in Software HOMER PRO. It simulates the behavior of the power plant components mainly the solar power plant, the storage system, the micro hydro power and the energy management system and the interactions between these elements. The study case for rural area of the municipality of LABRANZAGRANDE does not have the energy service, adding to this problem its location in the so-called Isolated Areas. According to the studies from the municipality authorities of city 96 consumers are to be benefited if there implement an Off grid renewable hybrid plant.