Investigation of the Ability of Producing Eco-Friendly Roller Compacted Concrete Using Waste Material
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Department of Civil Engineering, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
Corresponding author
Zena K. Abbas   

Department of Civil Engineering, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
J. Ecol. Eng. 2023; 24(10):277-289
TThe major objective of the experimental lab investigation was to produce eco-friendly sustainable roller compacted concrete (RCC) by reducing cement content once using demolition waste material. The best method of disposing of waste demolition without needing for a sanitary landfill was by accumulating, crushing and then blending to a high fineness powder, followed by using it in materials such as clay bricks, marble tiles, and glass windows. Six RCC mixtures with partial cement weight replacements of 5, and 10 % were made in addition to the reference mixture. To investigate the strength (compressive, flexural and tensile splitting strength), porosity, water absorption, and density were all tested after the production of mixtures. The results of the study indicate that the RCC containing (10)% of clay bricks powder enhances the strength of RCC up to (14.78%) (17.96%) (12.87%) for (compressive, tensile, flexural), respectively, at 28- days of curing compared to the reference mixture, followed by the mixture containing 10% of marble tiles powder with percentage increase up to (7.12%) (14.44%) (7.02%). While the glass windows with 5% can be adopted, the results close to reference mixture with slight improvement equal to (0.68%) (2.11%) (3.22%) and slight reduction when using 10% replacement of cement weight, were obtained.
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