Kinetic Characteristics of Thermophilic Aerobic Membrane Reactor (TAMR) for Iraqi Municipal Wastewater
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Environment and Water Directorate, Ministry of Science and Technology, Baghdad, Iraq
Department of Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
J. Ecol. Eng. 2024; 25(3):303-312
We evaluated the performance of a wastewater treatment plant with a thermophilic aerobic membrane reactor ( TAMR) system. The two kinetic models used to describe its behavior are the Stover-Kincannon modification and secondary order treatments. One could predict the kinetic parameters for removing both COD and NH4+-N from the wastewater substrate. The (K2(S)) substrate removal rate was 1.66 per day within a correlation coefficient оf 0.9978. Also, those coefficients for COD concentration are 0.9977 and 0.9965, according to the modified model. As for COD, the probable maximum utilization rate was estimated to be 60.24 g\l.d. The saturation value (KB) is about 64.81 g\l.d. However, the maximal uptake by biomass of ammonia nitrogen (Umax) is 32.42 g/, and the saturation constant (KB) is 30.12 g/ Stover-Kincannon's modified model has been shown to be an effective method for the treatment of sewage--and it even makes fairly accurate predictions as to what will happen with the COD and the ammonia nitrogen content in sewage. In addition, it is useful for optimizing wastewater treatment that is both simple and highly efficient at producing accurate predictions.
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