New Material Nanocomposite Thermoplastic Elastomer with Low Cost Hybrid Filler Oil Palm Boiler Ash/Carbon Black
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Universitas Negeri Medan
Universitas Sumatera Utara
Universitas Quality Berastagi
Corresponding author
Nurdin Bukit   

Universitas Negeri Medan
J. Ecol. Eng. 2023; 24(2):302-308
This study aims to prepare thermoplastic elastomeric nanocomposites with Low-Cost Hybrid Filler Oil Palm Boiler Ash/Carbon Black as New Material. Hybrid filler composites promise to overcome the limitations of composites. The effects offered by the matrix and filler are responsible for improving the properties of the composite. The preparation of thermoplastic elastomer was carried out in two stages. The first stage involves mixing a rubber compound with filler. The second stage is blending the compound, HDPE, and PE-g-MA using an Internal Mixer. The results show that the peak intensity increased when the amount of OPBA in the TPE increased. The increase in peak intensity was caused by the rise in the number of crystalline phases in the nanocomposite. In general, the absorption bands are almost the same. The samples analyzed showed absorption band vibrations (Si-O-Si), in-plane strain vibrations (Si-OH), and symmetric strain vibrations (Si-O-Si), C―H deformation, –CH symmetrical stretching of the CH2 group appeared on each sample that FTIR has analyzed. Thermoplastics show good interaction between filler and matrix, so it can be assumed that these interactions can improve the mechanical properties of TPE. Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) shows an increase in the number of peaks in the sample with 60/40 phr filler.
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