Studies of Physicochemical Bases and Optimization of Environmentally Safe Technology of Lead Production Waste Recycling
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South Kazakhstan university
International State Ecological Institute, Botanicheskaya street, 15, Minsk, 220037, Belarus
Corresponding author
Ayaulym Nurlankyzy Tileuberdi   

South Kazakhstan university
J. Ecol. Eng. 2023; 24(9):293-301
Physicochemical research of peculiarities of technogenic metallurgical wastes and mathematical optimization of ecologi-cally safe technology of their processing are of great practical importance for solving ecological problems of the region. The aim and the main direction of the research are connected with the study of physical and chemical bases of the organization of the technology of waste recycling with separation of valuable metals in the form of their chlorides and simultaneous production of agloporite. Peculiarities of phase and mineralogical composition of raw materials and chloride roasting products were studied by means of modern devices - Q-1500D derivatograph, X-ray diffractometer Panalytical X'PERT, scanning electron microscope JSM-6490LV JOEL. Studies have shown that solid metallurgical waste is characterized by the presence of non-ferrous metals Fe, Ti, Pb, Cu, Zn, and the microstructure is characterized by the presence of silicate, alu-minosilicate and ferrite minerals. Using the method of mathematical design with the application of Stuyudent's criteria and Fisher's equation, the adequacy of the obtained roasting results was established, providing the degree of extraction up to 86-98%, at the temperature of 1100°С. The microstructure of the roasted products of the waste mixture with clay binder and calcium chloride is characterized by the predominance of calcium ferrites, silicon ferrites and aluminosilicate minerals. The obtained results of the study of the peculiarities of the physical and chemical bases and the optimization of the safe tech-nology are of practical importance for the solution of the ecological problem of utilization of technogenic wastes with obtaining of valuable products.
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