Study of Basic Traffic Elements for Pedestrians Movement and their Impact on Level of Service Efficiency in Urban Area
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Civil engineering department, College of engineering, University of Babylon, Hilla, Iraq.
Corresponding author
Abdulkareem Naji Abbood   

Civil engineering department, College of engineering, University of Babylon, Hilla, Iraq.
J. Ecol. Eng. 2023; 24(8):322-328
Walking is become a traditional mode of movement between places in many situations, irrespective of cities and countries. People walk with different purposes and activities. This calls for conducting the necessary studies and improvements for walking and crossing areas. The study aims to achieve several goals such as evaluate the impact of pedestrian characteristics, traffic flow in addition to walking speed on the efficiency of pedestrian (LOS) with the aided of statistical and traffic models to show the extended impact of variables and their effect on the efficiency of pedestrian traffic flow. To that purpose, the study chose Muhrmat Shat Al- Hilla Street within the urban area of Hilla city. Data collected for pedestrian walking and crossing according to field survey in order to estimate flow, average speed, density and spacing. The proposals adopted by the study, which were built on the basis of a traffic study and use of the simulation program (PTV VISSIM ), scientific analysis using (i) method with design of the crossing areas and sidewalks according to the (ii) specifecations as a result to an increase in the level of service for the sidewalks and crossing areas of the LOS (from F to C). Based on the statistical analysis using the SPSS software program, as well as studying the relationships between traffic volumes, speed and density of pedestrians.the linear equation reflected the relationship between speed and density. While the Second order equation reflected the relationship between traffic volumes and pedestrian speed based on the outputs of the values of the correlation coefficient (R), (Adj. R2) and (SE). The study suggested a comprehensive transportation for pedestrian flow charactristic in Hilla city includes pedestrians environmental within roadways and intersections as a networks to design an appropriate modern environment and safe crossing facilities to reduce traffic accidents that result in death, injury or disability.
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