Study of the Ecotoxicity of Oil-Containing Wastewater Treated in the Helio Installation by Biotesting Method
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Yessenov University, Aktau 130000, Kazakhstan
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Corresponding author
Akmaral Serikbayeva   

Yessenov University, Aktau 130000, Kazakhstan
J. Ecol. Eng. 2024; 25(4):352-359
The article discusses the ecotoxicological properties of wastewater from a bitumen plant, as well as water treated in a solar installation. It also examines the toxicity of its constituent components. To assess the quality of purified water and its effect on plant vital activity, crops of oats, cucumbers and beets were grown as a test sample. The results of this research showed that water obtained through distillation of wastewater and decomposition of light petroleum fractions using ozone oxidation in a helium-containing setup is suitable for the cultivation of garden crops.
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