Olga Lobacheva 1  
Natalia Dzhevaga 1  
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National Mineral Resources University (Mining University), Vasil’evsky Island, 21 line 2, Saint-Petersburg, 199106 Russia
Publish date: 2016-04-01
J. Ecol. Eng. 2016; 17(2):38–42
Yttrium (III) and ytterbium (III) cations ion flotation from diluted aqueous solutions in the presence of chloride ions using sodium dodecyl sulfate as collector agent were studied. Y (III) and Yb (III) distribution and recovery coefficients as a function of aqueous phase рН value at different sodium chloride concentrations were received. Yttrium (III) and ytterbium (III) chloro and hydroxo complexes instability constants were calculated. The calculation of separation coefficient at рН specified values depending on chloride ion concentration was conducted. Maximum separation coefficient was observed when chloride concentration of 0.01 M is 50 at рН 7.8. Ksep is minimal in nitrate medium ans is 3 at рН 7.0. At sodium chloride concentration of 0.05 М Ksep is 9 at рН 7.8.
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