Assessment of the Current State of Atmospheric Air Pollution of the Gas Processing Plant in the Territory of the Transboundary Arctic Region
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Industrial University of Tyumen, 38, Volodarskogo St. Tyumen, 652000 Russia
Corresponding author
Natalia Martynova   

Industrial University of Tyumen, 38, Volodarskogo St. Tyumen, 652000 Russia
J. Ecol. Eng. 2022; 23(8):200-210
Extraction of natural resources in the Arctic region is difficult and dangerous from an ecological point of view. Under the conditions of the harsh Arctic climate, the probability of emergency situations increases significantly. The transboundary part of the Arctic region is also characterized by difficult climatic conditions. Strong environmental pollution is caused by the development of oil and gas production, as well as processing of oil and gas products at industrial plants. All this calls for a change in the basic elements of the environment: soil, air, water, etc. It is accepted that air can be considered as the initial link in the chain of environmental pollution and objects. Therefore, it is important to monitor the impact of emissions from the oil and gas industry into the atmosphere. Hence, there is a need to assess the condition of the air basin. The purpose of the study: to assess the degree of atmospheric air pollution as a result of the operation of a gas processing plant for various pollutants. In the course of the work, based on the analysis of the proposed criteria for assessing the existing state of the atmosphere and atmospheric air pollution, the degree of atmospheric air pollution by various pollutants was assessed. The characteristics and parameters of emissions were obtained, the polluting element with the highest emission value (methanol) was installed, and the boundary of the sanitary protection zone was constructed. On the basis of the results of the work carried out, it was concluded that the air basin of the area under consideration is characterized by: severe climatic conditions, low self-cleaning ability of the air basin, limited favorable ability to decompose pollutants entering it, favorable ability to wash out harmful substances, and relatively favorable hygienic condition of the air basin.
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