Ecological and Economic Aspects of the Formation of Highly Productive Soybean Crops
Vinnytsia National Agrarian University, Sonyachna St. 3, 21008 Vinnytsia, Ukraine
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Victor Mazur   

Vinnytsia National Agrarian University, Sonyachna St. 3, 21008 Vinnytsia, Ukraine
J. Ecol. Eng. 2023; 24(12):124-129
For the successful development of the agricultural sector, one of the main tasks during the cultivation of agricultural crops is the rational use of land resources and obtaining the highest possible quality of products with low labor costs. The practical value of the scientific article lies in the improvement of the elements of the technology of growing soybean varieties that differ in groups of maturity. The development of ecological and economic technological parameters made it possible to ensure the seed yield, depending on the maturity groups of high-tech varieties, up to 2.91 t/ha with high production profitability. The object of research is the processes of growth, development and formation of the soybean seed crop, its quality depending on the developed technological parameters. The subject of research is soybean varieties, pre-sowing treatment of seeds with a bacterial preparation and a growth regulator. It was determined that soybean belongs to the high-protein strategic agricultural crop of Ukraine and the world. Providing the population with protein food is a global problem, because the increase in population significantly exceeds the production of protein products. Soy, which is characterized by a rare chemical composition, plays an important role in solving this problem – its seeds contain 38–42% protein, 18–32% fat, 25–30% carbohydrates, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, many essential amino acids with a significant degree of solubility and nutrition. This feature has a positive effect on the environment and allows to obtain ecologically clean products. The cultivation of soybeans is of great agrotechnical importance, as it is a good precursor for the cultivation of the vast majority of agricultural crops. However, the determining factor for obtaining a high yield of soybeans is the variety. On the basis of the research results, their economic analysis and with the aim of growing high soybean yields at the level of 2.91 t/ha, the agro-forming of the right-bank forest-steppe of Ukraine recommended sowing the intensive soybean variety Sandra –carrying out pre-sowing treatment of soybean seeds with the bacterial preparation Rizotorphin in combination with the growth regulator Vermyst. T
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