Flow Rate Determination as a Function of Rainfall for the Ungauged Suhareka River
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Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Pristina, Kosovo
Publication date: 2022-04-01
Corresponding author
Lavdim Osmanaj   

Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Pristina, Kosovo
J. Ecol. Eng. 2022; 23(4):110-121
For ungauged rivers, when there are no hydrological measurements and there is a lack of data on perennial flow rates, the latter one to be determined based on other hydrological data. The river Suhareka catchment represents a similar case. Since there is no data on Suhareka’s flow rates, the authors of this study aimed for the flow rate determination based on rainfall measurements. From the available data on annual precipitation (monthly sums) provided by the Kosovo Hydrometeorological Institute (KHMI) for the Suhareka hydrometric station, the observed monthly rainfall data for 30 years were analysed. Those gaps were initially filled by connecting the hydrometric station in Suhareka with those of Prishtina, Prizren and Ferizaj, and as a result a fairly good fit was ensured. Moreover, the intensity-duration-frequency curves were formed using the expression of Sokolovsky, as a mathematical model of the dependence I (T, P). For a transformation of rainfall into flow, the American method SCS was used. As a result, the equation for the Suhareka River basin was derived, which enabled the determination of maximum inflows, for different return periods. The results obtained through this paper, indicates that even for ungauged river basins the peak flows can be determined from available rainfall data.
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