Hemp Shive-Based Bio-Composites Bounded by Potato Starch Binder: The Roles of Aggregate Particle Size and Aspect Ratio
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Institute of Materials and Structures, Riga Technical University, Kalku 1, LV – 1658 Riga, Latvia
Institute of Building Materials, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Sauletekio av. 11, Vilnius, LT-10223, Lithuania
Publication date: 2022-02-01
Corresponding author
Laura Vitola   

Institute of Materials and Structures, Riga Technical University, Kalku 1, LV – 1658 Riga, Latvia
J. Ecol. Eng. 2022; 23(2):220-234
According to European regulations, the construction industry supports and strives to save non-renewable natural resources, increases the share of reusable resources in production and attempts to use renewable natural resources as much as possible by creating alternative building materials, such as bio-composites. Various building materials containing hemp shives (HS) are relatively popular and are often used in practice. The properties of these materials vary widely due to the usage of significantly different binders and because the parameters of the HS can significantly affect the properties of the bio-composite. Potato starch (PS), whose properties have not been studied extensively in the past, was used as a binder in this study. Depending on the type of manufacturing process and technology employed for hemp fibre production, the HS particle shape and size can vary widely, which leads to the following statement: the properties of bio-composites produced by the same method, but with different HS, may differ significantly. To investigate the effects of HS on the properties of bio-composites, including the hydro-thermal properties, an in-depth study was conducted to examine the structure, the physical properties and the particle size of HS. It was discovered that, to obtain a material of higher compressive strength, HS with smaller dimensions should be used; however, if enhanced thermal properties are required, HS with longer particles should be used.
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