New Built Land Threat of Martapura River – Implementation of Environmental Sustainability in Banjarmasin City, South Kalimantan, Indonesia
Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia, Jl. Cabe Raya, Pondok Cabe, Tangerang Selatan, Banten, 15418, Indonesia
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Edi Rusdiyanto   

Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia, Jl. Cabe Raya, Pondok Cabe, Tangerang Selatan, Banten, 15418, Indonesia
J. Ecol. Eng. 2023; 24(5):276-287
The threat of environmental degradation of the Martapura River as a result of an increase in built-up land has become a serious problem, so a new method using the integration of calculations of changes in built-up land and the sustainability of river area environmental management is important to implement. This study aims to calculate the change in built-up land directly integrated through Rap-RiverBuiltUp quantitative analysis on the environmental sustainability of the Martapura river area, Banjarmasin City. The research method used is the technique of spatial analysis of ETM / Landsat 8 OLI satellite landsat images and analysis of ecological, social and economic sustainability with Rap-RiverBuiltUP analysis. The results of the analysis of built-up land around the Martapura river, Banjarmasin City, have increased by 2.31% over the last 12 years followed by a growth in population density of ± 1.5% annually. The implementation of sustainable environmental management needs to be prioritized with efforts to periodically revise regional spatial planning regulations, especially the boundaries of built-up land to reduce the development of built-up land around the Martapura River. The sustainability status of the built-up area around the Martapura river is currently not sustainable. The ecological dimension indicates a less sustainable status, while the economic and social dimensions indicate a fairly sustainable status. Increasing the sustainability index value of the Martapura river from each dimension in the future is by making the lever factor an input for the management policy of the Martapura river, Banjarmasin City.
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