FORUM 2019
Kazimierz Dolny, 09.09.2019 - 11.09.2019
Miejsce:Król Kazimierz Hotel

Polish Society of Ecological Engineering, Branch in Lublin

Lublin University of Technology

University of Life Sciences in Lublin

Polish Academy of Sciences, Branch in Lublin

Welcome to the International Scientific Conference "10th Forum of Ecological Engineering".

• Industrial and municipal waste management
• Pro-ecological technologies and products
• Energy-saving technologies
• Environmental landscaping
• Environmental monitoring
• Climate change in the environment
• Sustainable development
• Processing and usage of mineral resources
• Recovery of valuable materials and fuels
• Surface water and groundwater management
• Water and wastewater treatment
• Smog and air pollution prevention
• Protection and reclamation of soils
• Reclamation and revitalization of degraded areas
• Heavy metals in the environment
• Renewable energy technologies
• Environmental protection of rural areas
• Restoration and protection of urban environment
• Prevention of noise in the environment
• Environmental life-cycle assessment (LCA)
• Simulations and computer modeling for the environment